V World Cup F3K "Zielona Góra 2017"

VII Eurotour Contest F3K "Zielona Góra 2017"


The competition is part of the FAI F3K World Cup 2017 and the Contest Eurotour F3K 2017.


Zawody są dofinansowane ze środków
Urzędu Miasta Zielona Góra.

The competition is financed by City council of Zielona Góra


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Date and place:

19-21 May 2017 Aeroklub Lubuskie Land Airport www.azl.pl CAMERA
Przylep - Skokowa 18
66-015 Zielona Góra, Poland
Phone +48 68 3213010
Coordinates: 51°58’44 N 15°27’49 E

Contact person:

Leszek Małmyga
e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.


Please register on-line ONLY. Registration will be closed 12 May 2017 or in the moment of achieving maximum amount of competitors - 70. (The limit has been increased to 85 competitors.)

Official languages:

Polish and English


35 MHz, 40 MHz and 2,4 GHz (CE certificate).

Competition Rules:

FAI Sporting Code Section 4 for class F3K.
FAI valid sporting license will be mandatory for each competitor.



Winners will be awarded with trophies. The best junior competitor will also receive trophies. All competitors will reveive t-shirts.

Classification of Competitors:
All competitors who take part in the competition will be ranked in World Cup and Eurotour.

Jury President:
Mr Jacek Grzesica /Poland/
Other members (three participants) of the jury will be choosen from the participating pilots.

Contest Director:

Mr Zbigniew Zdziuch /Poland/

Chief Judge:
Mrs Ewa Dudziak - Przybytek /Poland/ 

Mrs Mirella Małmyga

IT Service Manager:
Mr Piotr Majdański /Poland/

Mass Media:

Mr Marek Grześkowiak /Poland/

List of tasks:

Task "D" - (Increasing time by 15 seconds) 30 s; 45 s; 60 s; 75 s; 90 s; 105 s; 120 s - 10 minutes working time
Task "G" - (5 longest flights) 2:00 max - 10 minutes working time
Task "K" (Increasing time by 30 seconds, “Big Ladder”) 60 s; 90 s; 120 s; 150s; 180 s -
10 minutes working time
Task "F" - (3 out of 6) 3:00 max, 6 launches only - 10 minutes working time
Task "H" - (4 best flights: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 max in any order) - 10 minutes working time
Task "I"- (3 longest flights) 3:20 max - 10 minutes working time
Task "B"
- (Next to last and last flight) 4:00 max - 10 minutes
working time
Task "C" - (All up, last down, seconds) 3 flights, 3:00 max
Task "J" - (3 last flights) 3:00 max - 10 minutes working time
Task "F" - (3 out of 6) 3:00 max, 6 launches only - 10 minutes working time

Tasks list may be modified depending from the Weather and the number of competitors.
All results from Saturday will be considered in the Contest Eurotour Zielona Góra 2017. All results from Saturday and Sunday will be considered in the World Cup Zielona Góra 2017. Fly-off round is not planned.


1. "AEROPLAN" hotel at the Airport (0 places), sequence of application during registration is deciding about places in "Aeroplan" hotel.
2. "MOTEL 118" hotel 2,5 km from the Airport (in this hotel competitors have to book places on their own).
3. Camping place at the Airport.


The Restaurant on the "Aeroplan" of Lubuskie Land serves only supper on Friday.
The remaining meals on Saturday (including banquet) and Sunday serves restaurant "Zjedz Go" on the airfield.

Competition program

Friday, May 19

400 p.m. to 800 p.m. - competitors registration in the airfield
100p.m. - 800p.m. - official training
800 p.m. - 900 p.m. - supper in “Aeroplan” restaurant

Saturday, May 20

700a.m. - 800a.m. - breakfast in the airfield
830a.m. - 900a.m. - competitors registration in the airfield, training and briefing
915 a.m. - opening ceremony in the airfield
945a.m. - 130p.m. - competitive flights
130 p.m. - 230 p.m. - dinner in the airfield
200 p.m. - 700 p.m. - competitive flights
830p.m. - banquet

Sunday, May 21

700a.m. - 800a.m. - breakfast in the airfield
900a.m. - 130p.m. - competitive flights
215p.m. - awarding of prize and closing ceremony in the airfield
230p.m. - 330p.m. - dinner in the airfield


In case of putting forward a proposal to the competition manager in writing, the competitor is asked to pay 35 Euro assessment. After receiving it, the Jury solves it. If the protest is acknowledged, the assessment will be returned.


As provided in FAI Rules, competitors not involved in flying or helping another
competitors may be asked by the organizer to operate as timekeepers.
In case of bad weather or any other case the organizer reserves a right to change the timetable.

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